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Upcoming appearances:

February -- Robin #63
The Flash guest-stars in Part 2 of a 2-part story featuring a cameo appearance by Superman! At home, Robin is trying to adjust to his new life in Keystone City. In the streets, he and the Flash try to halt the crime spree of the Riddler and Captain Boomerang. And of course, there's the granddaddy of all super-heroes dropping by ...

March -- Robin #64
The Flash guest-stars in the conclusion of a 3-part story! Robin and the Scarlet Speedster reach a climactic showdown with both the Riddler and Captain Boomerang, but there are even bigger shocks in store for Tim Drake as Stephanie, the Spoiler, goes into labor.

April -- Robin #65
The Spoiler gives birth, but what will happen to her child? Plus, Robin returns to Gotham Heights to see the destroyed, closed-off Gotham City in this special issue, featuring pencils by guest-artist William Rosado and the debut of new cover artist Jason Pearson.

The Return of Batgirl -- revisited!
Well, thanks to the pregnancy, it's obvious that Steph isn't the new Batgirl -- thank heavens! But who is? I guess we'll just have to follow the "No Man's Land" story to find out. I'm still holding out for Dava though.

The Return of Batgirl?!
Newsarama reported that Bat-editors Denny O'Neil and Jordon Gorfinkel will introduce a new hero in the Bat books. No official word on who, but they did say "this new BAT character will have the word GIRL in her name." Any guesses? Stephanie "Spoiler" Brown or maybe even Dava, introduced in Robin #50?

Robin Leaves Gotham?!
What's up this year for the Batbooks? From what I hear, we can expect Robin to say goodbye to Gotham when the city is evacuated after being turned down for disaster relief by the government.